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From original questioner:

We just got a Brandt Optimat KD 77 edgebander. I am expecting that it can be adjusted and run so parts need little filing when they come out of the machine. We have one man feeding the machine and two or usually three men filing the edges after they come out of the machine. Which I think is 2 1/2 men too many. That when the machine is adjusted tight and maintained properly that the parts should need to be barely touched with the file.

What do you-all expect from this machine?

I appreciate any help you can give us.

From contributor Sc

Edgebanders are probably the most finicky machines in a shop, having said that I would say that one guy should be able to keep up with removal and any filing or sanding. The Homag dealer in my area recommends training a couple guys on the edgebander and they are the only ones that ever run it, everyone else, DO NOT TOUCH!
Some variables apply of course, what type of edging are you using? What is the condition of the machine? What is the condition of your tooling? Is the material thickness you are banding consistent?
I have a Brandt 340 and when it is set up properly you hardly have to touch the finished product, but I band mostly with .5 mil edging. When I edge 3 mil and plastic laminate, there is a greater labor value filing or sanding.

From contributor Er

We run almost all .5mm. Mostly pvc some wood.

From contributor Ja

Scott makes some good points. IMO, and experience, if you develop the proper adjustment habits & procedures, you should have ZERO hand work after edge banding (providing your machine is in good condition and functioning properly). You will likely need some good training to learn how to set up your machine properly, but with 2 extra guys after your bander, you are already spending this money plus some. An exception might be if you are trying to run 3mm pvc w/o corner rounding. Then you have to decide if you really have the right machine or not for what you are doing.

From contributor Ca

I am looking to buy a used computer controller for my Brandt KD 56.