Butcher Block Top Finish


From original questioner:

Would like to know what the best finish is for a Maple butcher block Island top. I know about mineral oil but not sure I want to deal with the maintenance part of it.

From contributor Ke

hmm.. how about butcher block oil??

From contributor Jo

Maintenance is a necessary part of having a butcher block top. If you do not maintain it, it will almost certainly crack and split over time. Maybe the new UV finishes will seal it up, but if anyone uses it in food preparation (as a cutting board) they will slice right through the finish into the raw wood below, opening it up to moisture loss or gain. I wouldn't recommend using butcher block unless you plan to maintain it.

From contributor Je

What type of finish you choose should depend on whether or not the customer plans on actually using the top as a cutting board or if they just like the appearance of a wood counter top and will never actually cut on it.

If they plan on using it as a cutting board then you want to stick with oil type finishes that are meant to be used on butcher blocks and don't form an actual film of finish on top of the wood.

If they just want the decorative look of a wood counter top and won't be cutting on it, then I would probably go with a CV or a 2K Urethane finish.

In either case your customer has to be educated in the limitations/do's and don't of whatever finish you and they choose.

From contributor Ro

If you are going to use it as a butcher block top then you are going to have to "deal with the maintenance part". Try mineral oil....