CAD Drawing Output to PDF

There are many ways to create PDF files from CAD files, both built-in and third-party add-ons. June 17, 2010

I am trying to create a PDF file but the only options I have are JPG and PNG. I have the latest version of Adobe. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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From contributor M:
Not sure of what your software setup is, but did you look at your Print dialog? Often "Save as PDF" is an option that you can choose from that point. (I assume that you've checked out all Export options). If this doesn't help, repost with more info on your software, as well as your operating System (Windows, Mac, Linux) and what CAD software you are using.

From the original questioner:
I have checked through my print options and it isn't there. I am using AutoCAD 2006 on XP Pro.

From contributor M:
Not sure when they added PDF as a Plot option so it may not be there. You should be able to get it via your Acrobat software.

From contributor M:
Use the publish command then in the DWF viewer select Adobe PDF to plot to.

From contributor H:
By latest version of Adobe are you referring to Adobe reader? If so that won't allow you to print PDF's. You'll need a PDF printer for that (unless as stated above you're trying to print a PDF from AutoCAD). Do a Google search for free PDF and get yourself a printer. I like BullZip but there's a ton of them out there.

From contributor A:
I thought Autocad 06 you could be able to select DWG to PDF in the printer/plotter pull down menu, I know 07 does. You could download PDF 995 free program that will add a printer for printing to PDF right from AutoCAD printer menu.

From contributor K:
File->Plot-> choose AdobePDF from drivers drop down list and click Plot or OK. Adobe must be a pro version, reader won't do it.

From contributor T:
Just use external PDF printer. There are lot many options available. I use/prefer is PDF 995. It is free and results are very good. This would be installed as additional printer in your system.

From contributor O:
I use FinePrint's PdfFactory and it works well.

From contributor E:
PDF 995 is another one. Itís small, simple, and works well.

From contributor C:
You can use:
1. AutoCAD DWG to PDF.pc3 to create PDF.

2. AutoDWG DWG to PDF converter. I like to use this one as I can batch convert here.

3. Find a virtual printer to get drawings printed.

For example, I have PrimoPDF installed, choose this printer from AutoCAD and get the drawing printed using this printer.

From contributor W:
I just use the free version of Autodesk True View 2010 and Adobe Reader 8.2.1. I was having issues with AutoCAD LT 2009 messing up the line weights and text quality when plotting to a PDF. Since this was a 24 acre ALTA survey at 1" = 100' in a 24" x 36" PDF, print quality was a must. True View does a great job of plotting PDF's. Just create the drawing in AutoCAD, then re-open it in True View to plot. You can manipulate your page layout definition in True View just like in AutoCAD. True View also creates PDF files that are much smaller files than Autocad. My ALTA survey PDF was 4 meg from AutoCAD, but only 621 kbytes from True View. You can also manipulate your layers in adobe after the PDF is generated.

From contributor I:
I have been suggesting plotting to *.plt files using the KIP drivers and then using Viewcompanion to batch convert the *.plt files to one *.pdf for years. It's not free, but it gets the pages out fast and does not tie up your ACAD plotting. Also, I always prefer to have digital copies of everything that may print. Sometimes it helps to get refreshed on a project if you had not seen it in a while, other times, it's just covering yourself to avoid any sort of time consuming miscommunication that disrupts work flow.