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Tips on why a PDF printout of a CAD drawing might be missing a few lines or other elements. February 12, 2010

I have AutoCAD 2006 running on Windows XP, Acrobat 5 PDF Writer. We have noticed that some of the PDF's that we have created lately using the PDF writer are missing some of the drawing. There are random pieces of text and lines that are missing in the PDF. The drawings print fine to our HP plotter. Does anyone have any thoughts?

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From contributor T:
I am not exactly sure about it. But there can be following reasons for it.
1. The layer would "Off" or "Frozen", While you made PDF.
2. The printing would have been turned "Off" in layer dialog box.
3. Check whether the objects were on "Defpoints" layer when you made PDF
4. Lastly try changing the software you use for generating PDF. You can use PDF995. I found it very reliable. No issues at all.

Hope this solves your problem

From contributor M:

PDF's have been known to leave pieces out at times. Plotting to DWF first should take care of that issue. Then plot the DWF to PDF.

From contributor B:
Can you show me an example .dwg file? You may try this application which converts my ADT drawings into nice PDF files, no complicated settings and itís the bug free software and nothing lost for my drawings.