CCI & Gemini?


From original questioner:

I've been using S&W for quite some time now. I have no complaints regarding the product, but the service is getting lax. I've been using the conversion acrylic and fast dry vinyl sealer.

I'm looking at switching and one option will be CCI. I don't know much about their products, is anybody using them, or does anybody have any information about the quality of their products.

Gemini is another product I'll be taking a look at. I've only used their precat lacquer in past, but it worked pretty well too.

I'm in a rural area, so access can be limited sometimes, so any input regarding either CCI or Gemini is appreciated.

From contributor Ji

I am useing CCI, no problems. I like their CV , Teck service and price. I don't like their precat. Seems thin and without richness....

From contributor Te

Thanks Jim anybody else, how about Gemini users?

From contributor To

We have been using Gemini CV for around 20 years. It has been a great product for us. We buy the 21 day pot life so we don't have to mix everyday. Service is good also.

From contributor Te

Thanks TomB. I tried Gemini several years ago, but I don't recall much about it.

The 21 day pot life sounds good, I believe I'll give them a try again.

Thanks for the recommendation.

From contributor an

I have been using gemini for about 4 years,,, only their clear conversion varnish and white pigmented conversion varnish. Firstly,,, their clear cv was very nice,, zero problems with it,, goes on easy , dries fast and smooth. The white pigment on the other hand started out working perfectly but with my last 2 orders i was having problems with it that neither myself or their tech dept. could solve which included the final coat wrinkling up and peeling off! Thats when i switched to S/W and didnt have that problem anymore. I havent used their clear cv yet although another finisher i work with has and he swears by it. Ill be sticking with s/w for now but i ALWAYS have my eyes/ears open and am willing to experiment with other products.