CNC Routing: Minutes per Sheet

Tracking the time it takes to cut out cabinet parts on a CNC router. August 17, 2006

How long on average does it take per sheet to cut on a flat table router? What about a small router? How about a big router?

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From contributor A:
When I used to track time my 3/4" nested cabinet parts were running about 7-8 minutes per sheet on average, 4 x 8 material. That is only for machining the parts and does not include loading and unloading the table. We now figure about 4 sheets per hour on average including edgebanding. When we are done the parts are ready for assembly.

From contributor B:
Our Anderson averages 6 minutes per sheet and this includes drilling for shelves, pilot holes for drawer sockets, lazy susans and plate racks (plate racks used to take 30 min-now 10 seconds) and routing dados.

From contributor C:
It all depends on what you are machining material-wise and how much machining you are doing on your parts. A sheet full of doweled drawer parts for use takes about 6 to 7 minutes. I have done some engraving and for five 12x10 signs has taken 45 mins. If you are just running standard cabinet parts with a 0.5 bit with standard drilling patterns you can figure about 4 to 7 minutes per sheet.

From contributor D:
To contributor B: Since you are doing dadoes, I assume you are using "blind-dado" as your method of joinery? To contributors A and C: What method of joinery are you using on your cabinet parts? Cutting out cabinet parts for a butt joint construction would be faster than say, blind-dado or KD, no?

From contributor C:
Dowels only - the only dados we do are for case backs. We have a doweling machine that runs on barcode produced by our CNC program. For speed you cannot beat it.

From contributor A:
Butt joint, staple and screw assembly

From contributor B:
Yes, we use blind dados. I really like it, but I have only done butt joints and blind dados and have no experience with other ways. It works for me.

From contributor E:
To contributor A: If you don't mind my asking, how many cabinets does that 4 sheet total per hour produce? And are you optimizing so that you only get 1 full depth base panel per width of sheet, or have you reduced the depth of your base cabinets?

From contributor A:
I don't mind at all. I'll use the kitchen I just completed as an example.

17 total sheets, 10-3/4" prefinished maple for box parts, 3-1/4" prefinished maple for box backs, 3-3/4" Cherry veneer for finished interior cabinets, slab applied ends, toe kicks, fillers, etc, 1-1/4" cherry veneer for finished interior backs.

17 total cabinet boxes, mostly base cabinets as there was a large island in the kitchen and only a few upper cabinets. My base cabinets are 608mm deep (24"), my base bottoms are only 580mm deep as I run my backs all the way down so I can get a side and a back out of a 48" sheet.