CV over Milk Paint?

Finishers discuss topcoating so-called "milk paint" with modern clear coatings. October 1, 2010

I'm finishing a sofa table for a customer that will have SW BAC wiping stain on the top and shelf surfaces and black GF milk paint on everything else. I like using SW Water White CV, can I use it as a clearcoat over the milk paint without destroying it? I did a test piece but am still not 100% sure if it's the best thing to do.

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From contributor D:
Most of the time yes, but you need to verify with the Milk Paint manufacturer.

From contributor R:
I wouldn't think black milk paint under CV would look any different than black CV and you wouldn't have to worry about compatibility.

From contributor W:
Exactly as Contributor R says - why milk paint if you’re going to top coat it with CV? You might as well use black CV, then you would have no worries about compatibility.

From contributor H:
The last time I coated over milk paint I used a SW Cat. vinyl and top coated with SW Cat acrylic Conversion. It worked well and you do not have the film volume problem. The customer applied the MP and a stencil them paid us to spray on the finish to protect it in the kitchen.

From contributor T:
We have no problem using CV over our Milk Paint.