Cabinet Dimensions for Sub Zero Appliances

Sub Zero refrigerators and freezers require you to build deeper cabinets if you want the fronts to be flush. January 19, 2011

I'm doing a job that is using Sub Zero appliances built-in and this is a first for me. According to the specs the finish depth of the unit is 26 3/16" that is with the 3/4" panel. I need to block all the cabinets out 1 1/2" inches to bring the cabinets out flush to the back of the panel. That is going to kill on material unless I actually block the backs of all the cabinets What has your experience been working around these appliances?

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From contributor U:
We build the cabinets deeper. You are right, it is hell on the material usage, but we do charge more for the deeper cabinet. The other option, depending on the design of course, is to step the fridge area out deeper than the adjacent cabinets. By the way, we have also found that with fridge depths, any time we can add an inch to the depth specified by the manufacturer we do - it can save you.

From the original questioner:
Is the extra inch just to ensure everything is going to fit well? I know if the wall bumps out a little in the framing all of a sudden nothing wants to go in right.

From contributor U:
Yeah, the extra inch is just comfort zone for us. That way bad framing won't bite you (I personally hate carving out drywall to make an appliance fit) and I have noticed with some appliances the specs are either hard to understand or even incorrect.

From contributor D:
You may do well to download the design guide and installation manuals from Sub Zero as there are several types of install for their overlay models. The only time you want the surrounding cabinet depth to match the fridge depth is for the flush inset application. The guide has very detailed (and correct) instructions and drawings for the install. The extra room Contributor U mentions is wise as all you need is a crowning stud behind a 48" unit and you have a mess to fix. It seems everything is flat, plumb and square on paper.

From contributor E:
In the past I made a recess in the wall to push the fridge back.

From contributor E:
If they can afford Sub Z, then additional money for the cabinets is of little concern. The last Sub-Zero fridge I dealt with was just under $8,000. This was the smallest width, or least expensive in the catalog. Bring them out to 27" at least.