Cabinetmaking Cutlist Generator


From original questioner:

I'm retired now from cabinetmaking and I thought some of you might benefit from some spreadsheet cutlist programs I wrote. I wrote them for my way of doing things which may not match yours but in a pinch you could modify. I got the idea years ago from a chap on this forum who wrote a 5-part door cutlist program and made it available. I have programs for several aspects of cabinetmaking and would be happy to give them away to anyone who wants to use them.
Caveats: They are in Xcel but I have no idea HOW to make them available. I don't want anyone changing a few things and making money from them. They must remain free.
Someone want to tell me how to make them available?

From contributor Ev

Maybe start a blog on blogspot and give out a link to dropbox?

From contributor Ha

Congratulations Terry, and it's great that you are willing to share. Harold.

From contributor Te

"Maybe start a blog on blogspot and give out a link to dropbox?"

You might as well have said 'do a full knee replacement on a giraffe'.
I don't know what any of that means

From contributor Te

If you'd like my programs, send an email requesting them and I'll attach the files to a reply. I'm an ex-programmer but that's as technical as I get these days.

From contributor Er

Thank you for sharing

From contributor te

Justin - I tried sending you my cutlist programs but your email address is no good.