Calculating finish coverage

Figuring out how much finish is needed for a given project. March 20, 2001

Is there a formula for calculating finish requirements in gallons in terms of lineal feet (uppers and lowers, 18" deep)?

Forum Responses
Generally, this information is on the back of the can or is available from the manufacturer. Spread rates will vary based on method of application, thinning of the material and the substrate. Usually, the rates are broken down by square foot and linear foot. The Painters and Decorators Association puts out a manual on bidding projects and spread rates.

100% solids at 100% transfer rate will yield 1600 sq. feet of coated surface at 1 mil. So, a 25% solids product (by volume) at a 100% transfer will yield 400 sq ft at 1 mil dry. Then subtract for transfer loss--if it is at 50% then that 25% solids product will only cover 200 sq ft at 1 mil dry.

Bob Niemeyer, forum technical advisor