Calibrating an Edgebander

For best results, use a straight-edge off the "glue shoe" to set the gap for the glue roller. September 8, 2007

What's the best way to get the shoe the correct distance off of the glue roller? I'm never sure if I've got it set right when I've adjusted it. At the moment I think it's causing the glue to squeeze onto the panels.

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From contributor M:
I believe it is supposed to be about .004 (about a sheet of paper) off of the roller. It comes close to touching, but does not touch the roller.

If you have not messed with the shoe, try adjusting the dosing gate on the glue pot. Start with it completely shut. Then tap it ever so slightly, like with a small combination wrench. Run a panel and see how much coverage you get. If you do not have full coverage, tap it open a bit more. You will be surprised at how little glue it really takes to hold banding on.

If you have other technical questions, give Stiles a call. They have great phone support.

From contributor P:
This critical adjustment is such a pain! I think the next time my glue pot comes out I'll fabricate some kind of micro-adjuster that'll make it more accurate.

What seems to sort of work is to run test strips with the glue roller pretty dry, adjust the shoe out until you're not getting glue transfer, then adjust the glue dosing until you get good coverage.

I can't say that mine is dead-on dialed in - I play with it occasionally until the burns and frustration get to me...

From contributor E:
I posed this question to Stiles not too long ago. Their reply was, "The metal plate that the panel rides along just before the glue roller is called the glue shoe. If you lay a good true straight edge along that shoe and extend it beyond the glue roller, there should be a 0.1 mm gap to the surface of the roller."

From contributor P:
The Stiles information worked - go figure! Crank up the beam as high as possible for work space, set it up cold with a straightedge - almost no gap with cold glue film on the roller.

With very little glue, the transfer is even and consistent - panels much cleaner than previous attempts - but good overall coverage. Thanks a lot for the help on this!