Chair Making Equipment

The category "chair-making equipment" includes a wide variety of specialized and more general tools and machines. September 20, 2008

Reprinted with permission from MLS Machinery, Inc.

This category covers a great deal of machinery. There are sanding machines that could fall under chair making equipment, carving machines that will also fall under chair making equipment because of the legs and other parts that they produce for chairs. Clamps also fall into this section; as we had case clamps for the entire cabinet, there are also clamps that will specifically assemble chairs together. There are leg leveling machines that cut legs equally seeing that during manufacture of these legs they might not all be of equal length. There are certain boring machines that are used for chair making because the boring heads come in from different angles to drill seats and backs which are made in various shapes. You also get scoopers which are called saddle seat scoopers which scoop out the seat of the chair to get the semi-hollow shape.

In chair making equipment as such, there is really nothing that you would find on an individual basis in catalogues. There are drills specifically designed for chair seats and backs. A clicker is a press that under tremendous pressure, using a system of dies, will cut out or die cut, as it is called, a pre-designed part. These parts can either be straight or curved plywood. Any holes that are required for the various mechanisms that go onto chairs will be pre-installed at the same that the part is cut out.

Presses and high frequency presses are used to manufacture curved plywood seat backs and bottoms, which will be upholstered, for example office furniture, chairs, etc.

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