Chargers For Lumber Grading


From original questioner:

Can anybody tell me what they charge for grading lumber before it is custom dried. I know what my costs are and they seem excessive.

From contributor Ge

Hardwood or softwood? About how many BF? Are helpers available to move lumber? If hardwood, what grade sorts (like Common and Better is one sort)?

From contributor Er

Hardwoods, 9 to 10,000' at a time. Usually 2&Btr. Have plenty of help, maybe too much.

From contributor ti

it depends on the graders experience..but i charge 20 per thou plus 13 cents a mile for drive

From contributor Ge

I encourage you to learn grading yourself at a 3-day or week short course. Usually the NHLA will know about short courses. Your state forestry people or lumber manufacturers association will know.

$20 per MBF (with helpers to move lumber) is a good price, but most change $0.55 per mile plus a meal. I have heard of $35..

From contributor Er

I have attended the NHLA 3 day course and it did indeed give me a thorough understanding of the grading process, but with the volumes I'm doing it would take me a lifetime to do a load. I have sense hired a grader and have calculated his costs plus the additional labor involved to handle the lumber. My figures are showing about $30/mbf in grading costs. I'm trying to see if I'm in line with some other facilities who have to grade their lumber before dying as compared to purchasing lumber already graded.