Charging for Edgebanding Service

How much should you charge to edgeband for other shops? February 27, 2013

In my shop in California, I have a large size edgebander. Some other woodworkers are asking me to edgeband projects for them. How much do I charge if they supply the tape? I never did this before and I want to be fair with them and make some money as well.

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From contributor B:
We charge $2.00 a minute.

From the original questioner:
Are you in California? I did some research and found average .5MM charge is .25 per ft and the 3mm is .75 per ft with a minimum of $80.00 per project. Last project we ran 550 ft in 90 minutes with two people on each end of the machine. Charge was around $140. Per your calculation I have to charge $180.00. Thanks.

From contributor B:
San Jose, CA.

From contributor C:
How about 100.00 an hour and start making money?

From contributor L:
$80/hr for machine and operator. They provide off-bearing and palleting. Production level bander (IDM58.)

From contributor C:
Whatever you do, make some money and set some ground rules. No freebies.

From contributor H:
I do this a lot for local shops. We sometimes cut, band and bore. 100.00/hr one man or 150.00 hr for two men. 200.00 minimum. I can band a complete frameless kitchen in 1 1/2 hours and save these smaller shops days of work and mess. I have to maintain all this equipment and if they don't like it, let them get out the iron and have a great time!