Cherry Lumber Defects


From original questioner:

Are the very darkest spots on this cherry a defect? It it some kind of fungus or rot?

From contributor ri

looks like the surface oxidation from kiln drying didn't clean up. Needs another pass in you Dewalt there.

From contributor Ri

Thanks for responding. That not my lumber or Dewalt. I was asked by the owner of the lumber what the spots are I didn't really know.

From contributor do

You will see more spots like that in 1 common cherry.
I dont know what they are but that is why i use select&better.

From contributor Jo

Looks like pitch pockets. This is a natural characteristic of Cherry lumber and is not a defect in the low end grades. That is why I only buy FAS or proprietary graded lumber so that these defects are graded out of the lumber along with the SAP wood.