Cleaning Pressure Pot and Hoses with Waterbornes

Cleaning waterbornes out of lines requires specialized products. September 3, 2011

When I spray solvent based products I use the appropriate solvent to clean up. When I use waterbase, water alone does not seem to do it. I was wondering what you guys use? I thought I heard that ammonia is a possibility.

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From contributor J:
I've never really found anything that cleans the hose thoroughly, so I either use a separate set of hoses for water base or I've found a cleanable in-line filter that goes on the material line just before the gun.

From contributor R:
Becker Acroma makes a product called Akvaclean. It is mixed 50/50 with water and run through the system. We use it to clean waterborne UV out of automated finishing lines.

From contributor C:
There also is a product called Corocheck. Itís used to clean out water based coatings from fluid lines.

From contributor M:
Azko Nobel also has a product that works extremely well.

From contributor V:
Akzo Nobel product is called Hypercleaner. Itís expensive but you don't have to use a lot. After you drain hoses of waterborne suck up just enough to fill the hoses and let sit for a moment then pulse it out with air off in to a container to use again later. Then do the same with isopropenoyl. Then blow air through hoses to dry and itís ready for solvent. I've never had a problem, but it is a lot easier and faster to have dedicated pots/pumps.

From contributor U:
Mix about 25-30% EB (butyl cellusolve) with your water. It does wonders getting some of the colorants that are not water soluble. It is a good idea to run something oily like mineral spirits for a final wash especially if you are going to let the machine sit idle any length of time.