Cleaning Pressure Tank Lines

Blow the lines out backward, then clean with lots of solvent. November 13, 2005

We have a Binks pressure tank and we use CV. I use CV solvent that my tech support recommended to me. After spraying I put the solvent in and spray until the solvent starts coming out. But the next time we spray I end up having to take the fluid line loose and taking an air hose and blowing the line out which is now half full of white looking jelly. Is there a good way of keeping the line cleaned out?

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From contributor D:
You need lots and lots more solvent. If you just squirt until the solvent comes out you've got a reduced mixture of C-V and solvent, not just solvent. Pressure pots are inefficient to clean.

From contributor G:
Blow back the CV from the gun with a blowgun before running the solvent through. Leave the line charged with solvent afterwards.

From contributor R:
I’ve sprayed all kinds of liquids through a pressure pot and found out years ago that if I did what Contributor G suggested, my fluid lines would stay clean. I would use lacquer thinner to clean out the lines if I was using a conversion varnish.