Cleaning Surface Before Spraying

Silicone-free and wax-free furniture polish can pick up dust and kill static. June 28, 2006

How does everyone prepare for finish spraying a surface? Do you just blow off and wipe down with rags or do you use tack clothes? I sand, blow off, vacuum and wipe off with rags. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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From contributor S:
For me it depends on what Im spraying, and the material Im shooting. Most times I blow and go. I did a huge conference table in a full fill finish using a 2pk Polyurethane that I blew and tacked off. I have never felt the need to vacuum the surface.

From contributor M:
For me I just blow and wipe with my hand and thats all. I blow out of the booth once, and blow the dust well away before spraying and wiping with my hand to see if I forgot to sand someplace or to find if there is some thing now stick to the piece.

From contributor J:
I learned a trick a long time ago. I use Endust on a clean cotton cloth. It works better than any tack cloth and won't contaminate your finish. Try it and you won't go back, it even takes out the static.

From the original questioner:
To contributor J: Have you used Endust and then Water Based Laquor?

From contributor J:
No, I've never used water based products. I do use Endust before painting cars and auto paint is very sensitive, so if it works there I would think it would be good anywhere. It's amazing how well it works. Even after blowing wood off it really sucks a lot more dust out of the pores.

From the original questioner:
To contributor J: I tried to buy original Endust but it is no longer available. It now is lemon scented Endust. I am a little concerned that the lemon scent it lemon oil and might contaminate the surface. What do you think?

From contributor J:
I'll have to check mine to be sure, but I think the lemon scent is the one I've been using. I remember the can stating it leaves no residue, so check for that.