Cleaning a Pressure Pot

A routine for rinsing out a pressure pot and spraygun with solvent. April 18, 2015

Iím searching for the best and most efficient way to clean a pressure pot. Iíve heard to just run thinner through it. I want to be able to change colors without any concerns of the previous color.

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From contributor R:
If you put your color in a separate gallon can and then set the whole thing in the pot all you'd really have to clean would be the siphon tube and maybe a bit of the insides. Iíd also get a few different hoses for a dedicated color. You'd have to shoot some thinners through each of the hoses when youíre done but itís easier than cleaning the entire pot.

From Paul Snyder, forum technical advisor::
Here's how I do it. If you don't let the coating dry inside the pot or fluid hose, a thorough rinse with the appropriate solvent should keep it clean. Use pot liners to make it easier to clean the inside of the pot. Fill the pot with solvent and spray it into a bucket (no atomization air required - just pot pressure) until it runs clear. Strain the solvent, put a lid on it and keep it for the next time. Make sure to leave the solvent in the pot and hose until the next use. Next time you get ready to use the pot spray the solvent into a bucket - then add a little clean solvent and spray that to make sure it's running clear.

From contributor H:
If it is within your budget a good gun washer will save you a lot of time and solvent and it will clean you gun and your hoses.