Cleaning a Second-Hand Spray Booth

Stripping may not be worth the effort. April 24, 2014

I recently purchased a used Global spray booth. It was used by a company who sprayed blue latex paint, so it has some blue paint on it. I want to clean it up and was checking to see if anyone knows of a product or a trade secret to clean it up?

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From contributor R:
I would try a semi paste stripper. After you get it spick and span, look into a spray booth coating. Once you dirty it up, just peel it off and apply another coat. For general booth cleaning of walls and floor, I found a leaf blower works pretty well. Be sure to follow the hazardous location instructions, as you don't want to blow yourself or your neighbors to kingdom come.

From contributor C:
I would skip the paint stripper and cover everything in booth coating, which will give you a nice white surface which can be removed and redone. I found using a cheap Wagner type paint sprayer from HD to be the best way to apply it.

From contributor A:
Agree - booth coating is the way to go. Not sure you need to remove the blue paint. Check Chemco Manufacturing for Booth Coating and also take a look at their reinforced floor paper. Love that stuff. Expensive but it lasts and lasts - fairly impervious to spills.