Closet Building Basics


From original questioner:

does anyone know where i could look at basic specs to custom closets?How to build slanted shoe racks, Specs to layout closets etc..

From contributor Mi

I got a lot of good basic information when I started building closets from my Hafele catalog. Since I was using their hardware for the most part, I found that certain cuts and dimensions of my components had to work with that particular hardware. For instance, shoe rails only come in certain lengths and have to be used with similar length shelves, Same thing with baskets, you have to plan a unit by those widths when using baskets, and so on. This approach may not answer all questions, but will answer many. Some cad or drawing programs include some basic information, but I am not sure I would consider those standards, but again they can be helpful

From contributor La

RE: Slanted shoe racks (or any other use for slanted shelves) Use standard line bore, place an L shelf support in a back hole, place a pin support in a front, lower hole that fits in a notch in the bottom of the shelf. Owner can adjust the tilt by varying the difference in shelf support heights.

From contributor Jo

all your questions can be answered on my web site. sniff around a little

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See link. Might help