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From original questioner:

I have recently started building custom closets along with the frameless cabinets I have been building for years. I use a admittedly cheapo design software for presentation only, and use a excel-based cutlist program I developed myself that works really well. What I need is a closet design software that won't break the bank while I test the market. Anybody have personal experience with a good, reasonably (or less!) priced program?

From contributor Je

What kind of cad experience do you have? What was the "cheapo" design software you were using? I would like to suggest draftsight, which creates .dwg drawing files. it is very reasonably priced, and with a little practice and coaching, you could design closets, kitchens, bathrooms, libraries, and even race car engines. Best of all if you ever decide to farm out some cnc work, your draftsight software can produce .dxf files that you can export.

From contributor li

I probably shouldn't have used the term "cheapo" as I don't want to ruffle any feathers. I use Cabinet Planner. It is limited in some areas, but is a heck of a program for the price. Drawing closets is not really one of its strong suits. My CAD experience is limited. I will look into Draftsight. Thanks for your input.

From contributor Je

I think you will like the price, and I'm very sure you can find tons on vidoes on youtube to learn how to use it. Or you can do what I did, go to the library and check out a book on autocad, the commands and hot keys are virtually identical! Only those who have been using cad for a long time can tell the difference. Good luck!

From contributor Mi


I'm a back end CAD engineer for probably the midwests largest Closet company and we use Cabinetvision that is screen to machine. Not only are the CNC's expensive, but we are constantly updated the UCS's to ensure reliability. Its is a forever constant change. Now, I realize you are looking for cheap, but CV IS NOT inexpensive. Don't mean to have negative news, but I know enough about the industry in regard to what works for us

From contributor Da

Hi there,

There is also the Wardrobe Application - a cloud-based design software with ordering process and stock management included at an affordable price. There is a trial period where you can see if it fits your business.