Cnc Woodcarver Source Needed


From original questioner:

I need about 16' of 7" hardwood molding custom produced on a CNC machine. I have a sample. I would explain it as a read on each outer edge with a weave of reads in between. Anybody have a source?

Thank you very much-

From contributor Jo

Where are you located?

From contributor Ro

Washington State. But don't mind paying for the shipping. Thanks

From contributor Ja

Wade at Axis Cut Parts in Puyallup is a wiz at artcam and cnc carving. Good talent and good rates. I use him a lot.

From contributor Ro

Thank you. Will call him on monday. Much appreciated.

From contributor Ad

Hey there,

We are located in Duncan BC, so unfortunately across the border. But if you are interested you can check out our website listed above. And just give us a call or email if you need any more information. Good luck either way!