Commercial Base Cabinet Depths


From original questioner:

I am curious as what you guys use for base cabinet depths on commercial cabinets. I have noticed some shops building 24 deep net with doors on bases making box sides 23 1/8 to making the boxes at 24 plus doors they are 24 7/8? I have been making my boxes at 24 plus doors how about you?

From contributor Le

FF is 24" deep and Euro is 24"+3/4" door.

From contributor Ch

24 plus a door. Inset is 24. Why would commercial be any different. Ada would be the only difference

From contributor Al

Some state are now enforcing the 24" max reach at an ADA top so 24 to face of door is more frequent in those situations. It causes havoc with appliances and pullouts

From contributor Da

24 plus door. canada

From contributor Jo

My prior experience was always somewhere in the 23-3/4 range for case depth (plus doors and bumpers). My current employer uses 23"- which I thought for sure would cause problems with sinks and appliances but doesn't seem to.

From contributor jo

One guy told me they make their cabinets 24" with doors and the tops are made 25 1/2 deep. He said it helps in projects were you have long runs of cabinets and bad framing. This hides the cabinets from transposing any of wall framing by having the extra overhang. I had a job were they flushed some epoxy tops with the face for the doors on some 25' runs of cabinets. This showed any small in and out of the cabinets from big installed on wavy walls. We now state line those long runs to avoid that situation.

From contributor Ph

We make ours 23 1/8" deep. With doors, it gives us about 24". Most architects in our area spec 25" deep counters including a 1: overhang. We get better yields with this vs 24" deep.