Constant profiler recalibrating : Common?

The owner of a new Profilmat wonders if his need to constantly recalibrate it is common. June 14, 2000

We have only had our Profilmat up and running for about two months, and run it only four to six hours per day, yet we have to recalibrate it about every two weeks. Is this common?

Which calibration are you losing?

If it's the calibration of the Siko digital readouts, your problem could be as simple as backlash. The direction of the adjustment of each control is critical. All adjustments should be in the up direction, toward the operator, EXCEPT for the left head, and it should go toward the workpiece. If backlash has not been eliminated the same way every time, then the machine can have "calibration" problems between operators.

If the problem is in the computer, several things could be the cause.

The first is voltage level. The electronics can only handle a 10-percent variation in voltage. A stabilizer may be needed. Or, the encoder that is sending the information to the computers may be loose on the mounts, or have damaged steppers.

Another possibility: The incorrect location of the switches inside the system. This should be the last thing to adjust. If you get to this step, contact Weinig for exact locations of the switches for your type of computer.
Dave Rankin, forum moderator