Converting Point-to-Point Routers to Flat Table Setups

A quick look at the parameters involved in converting a pod-and-rail machine to a flat table, spoilboard setup. October 1, 2010

Does anyone know who could convert a Masterwood P2P into a spoilboard machine?

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From contributor T:
I have done several pod and rail to flat table conversions. Key considerations for you to consider are the following;

1. Does the X and Y (and sometimes even Z ) axis travel support what you want to accomplish? These can be restrictive for the lack of a better term. Often affecting yield or requiring multiple sheet handling to fully utilize sheets in a case goods/cabinet scenario.

2. Typical expenditures - flat table material - can vary depending on what you want
upgrade vacuum pump. It depends on the current pump you have but typically P2P vacuum pumps are sized much smaller than flat table pumps for obvious reasons

3. Hardware - whatever is needed to affix the table to the existing rails, whatever is needed to plumb the pump to the table.

4. Software - unless you are making a dedicated product, you will want to be looking at a nesting option. The existing control will typically also require some form of modification in order to be recalibrated for the flat table.

5. Tooling upgrade - after you mount the flat table, you will be machining it with tools typical P2P machine owners do not own (surfacing tools).

It has been my experience this is a very customer specific process.