Corner Cabinet Conundrum

Another take on fitting a corner sink cabinet into a tight space (this time in frameless). February 26, 2007

We buy our cabs K.D. from a large shop far away. Our first need for a corner kitchen sink unit is coming up, and I dreamed up the arrangement, shown below. Our front width is limited to that shown, even though the sink is wider. Is there an easier way to do this?

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Forum Responses
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From contributor B:
I wouldn't go that wide unless you can order a big box with the much narrower face frame. Order the box the width of the face frame. Rip a couple of 2x4 blocks on a 45 bevel and screw the boxes together. Take a Sawzall and cut what you need out of the sides to make the sink drop in place.

From contributor J:
It looks like a good solution that I might even try sometime. I usually put in the typical 6 sided diagonal corner cabinet which is more difficult and more dollars, and the front sink edge has to be further back from counter edge than some like.