Corner Mantel/Ent. Center/ ??


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I have a client that wants a corner unit built, her main purpose is to have a mantel and a place for a fireplace or faux fireplace. I have about 6 feet out from the corner in each direction to work with.
I'm wondering if any of you have ideas or pics of something you have done in the past. I don't want the tv to be the focal will most likely sit above the mantel.
Thanks for any help.

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Here's something I did recently , used up about 50" of wall on each side. Pretty hard for the tv not to be the focal point of any piece though.

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You might look into the Reversica TV mount. You may not have enough room but it is effective at hiding the tv when not in use.

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With the space you have, you could easily put the TV on a lift so it would be concealed in the lower portion when not in use. Art work, ect could be displayed behind the opening that the TV would come up through. I've done this several times, but not with a corner unit. But I don't see any reason why you couldn't make it work in a corner situation. I've attached a photo of one I did a few years ago.