Cost Per Sheet for CNC Part Cutting

A cabinetmaker looking to outsource parts gets some rough ballpark numbers as of 2007. January 27, 2008

I was thinking of hiring a cabinet shop with a CNC to cut my box parts. Is there a standard charge for cutting per sheet? I know the material varies in price, but I wasn't sure if shops are charging $10, 20, 30, 40 per sheet to have the machine cut it out. I would want the cut out for dado construction. Face frame cabinets. Shelf holes drilled. I would pick up the materials and assemble the parts. Any suggestions?

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From contributor Z:
We charge $25/sheet for standard cabinet components as you described. Larger projects with 40 or more sheets are $20/sheet. This is just a basis to start from - different aspects such as part sizes come into play. A job with a lot of smaller parts will take longer to cut.

We cut parts for shops all over the US from all the major software companies and hand drawings. If you are sending us files ready to be cut there is no extra charge. If you send us hand drawings and layouts there will be a minor charge for getting the parts ready to be machined.

From contributor J:
There are many shops out there doing cutting for other shops. There are a lot of ways to structure the cost of these projects. We do both per sheet costing and per part costing. The volume of the job, type of files being supplied, irregularity of the parts are factors in which way to go with pricing. Per sheet costing is usually $25 to $45 per sheet depending on the size and complexity of part. Edge banding will be additional, and of course shipping.