Creating Submittal Drawings with Cabinet Vision

This thread teaches about how to use Cabinet Vision to generate detailed submittal drawings, and includes a lively and somewhat contentious side debate concerning the appropriate format and level of detail for various business circumstances, with some comments about decorum. December 31, 2012

To those of you who use Cabinetvision: how do you do your submittals? Is CV capable of producing a good quality drawing? We are a mid-size commercial millwork company looking to upgrade our engineering software.

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From contributor R:
I have been using CV for years to generate shop drawings. It is great for your everyday boxes but can get quite complicated when you have something custom like a radius or many angles. The best thing would have to be that you do not have to draw it twice. I know of many shops that do there drawings in AutoCAD and then have to enter all the information yet again in CV to generate their cutlists and codes for the shop.

From contributor M:
I have tried many different software packages: CV, Microvellum, PYTHA, and none of them will generate decent quality shops. To me level of the technical drawings they are able to produce is extremely low. Manual AutoCAD and a good draftsperson is still the best way to go.

From contributor A:
We do exclusively residential. Years ago when I worked as a cabinetmaker for a small (residential) cabinet shop they used cabinet vision and did not deal with architects. They made money hand over fist. It was the perfect solution - for them.