Cross-Grain Plywood

If you want plywood grain running up and down instead of side to side, carefully cutting and seaming the piece will usually fool the eye. July 9, 2007

I'm looking to build an island and I need an oak veneered plywood, but I want to buy plywood with the grain going horizontally so that when I place the sheet on its side, the grain will be traveling up and down. Where could I find something like this? Or what would I ask my local lumber shop for?

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From contributor P:
Most likely available as a backed-veneer sheet like NBL to laminate onto your substrate. Works like P-lam.

From contributor J: It's called cabinet front plywood.

From contributor B:
Any reason you can't use what you have and run the grain vertically even with a seam in it? I put a piece of solid in between the two pieces of plywood, align with biscuits, and sand the heck out of the joint. The joint is hard to find, and it beats the heck out of having to order special plywood.

From the original questioner:
Thanks. I actually went with contributor B's idea and it worked perfect, except for the fact that I didn't put a piece of solid wood in between. This way I was able to justify the biscuit jointer I "needed"!