Crown Moulding Transitions

When two slightly different crown-moulding profiles meet at an inside corner, there are several ways to handle the transition. November 11, 2005

I'm doing a fairly high-end kitchen remodel. The cabinet crown moulding (approximately 4" finished cherry) will meet painted pine crown (also 4") at an inside corner. I need a way to transition from one to the other because the profile is slightly different. Vintage woodworks sells inside corner drops, but not in cherry. Does anyone know where I can find inside corner pieces in cherry to make the transition? Are there other options, or am I looking at making it myself?

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Just take your time and cope one into the other. Takes about half an hour to do each one, but it's a clean solution with the added advantage of no down time or cost. Just remember - always start with your cope pieces on the crown job.

I, too, would cope the cherry to be painted, but only if there is a slight difference in profile. Then proceed with light sanding or even scraping with a sharp chisel to match the profile. Then touch up the cherry with stain and clear it. Install the piece. I have done it this way, but you have to match the stain and finish.

Raymond Enkebol sells an inside corner block in cherry.

You can make an infinite variety of custom drops quickly by making a box to suit, then finishing off the bottom with 4 pieces of crown molding all mitered and returned to themselves. You can vary the spring angle to whatever you think looks good, radically changing the look with the same crown molding, or a ripped portion of the crown molding.