Crown Moulding for a Vaulted Ceiling

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Tips for applying crown molding into a 30-degree ceiling joint. June 16, 2005

Any suggestions for moulding that surrounds a room with a 30 degree vaulted ceiling? I have done flat moulding for this customer in other rooms, but she wants something more decorative.

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Top it with a shelf to make the crown into a ledge. You'll need to put up the shelf top first, then install the molding below. A narrow strip on the wall gives a nailer for the shelf top and can be used to keep the whole shebang level. You may have to bevel the lower edge of the nailer to clear the back of the crown molding, depending on the width of the molding.

A good size crown with up lighting into the vault can make a nice look. Make sure there is no view from a second landing. The shelf idea is nice, too. There are some really nice carved wide casings that could make a nice division. Have you seen or used any of the super-sized foam moldings? It does depend on what the interior looks like.

You can run crown molding around the room if you cut a new foot or shoulder on the top of the molding to match the slope of the ceiling. I use a 45 degree fixture that clamps to the fence on my table saw.