Curly White Oak

Sawyers show off examples of figured white oak. December 1, 2005

I came across a nice white oak log and decided to quarter saw it and to my delight, found it was curly. It milled almost 200 bdft. Anyone have an idea of what it's worth?

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From contributor D:
$2.25 bft 6" wide or less, 10"+ $3.50 bft.

From contributor W:
I ran across a big red oak with the same curly figure. I quartered it and it looks great. I dried it in my kiln and I would say it is worth a tad more than that. If you check out some of the figured wood dealers, see what they are asking for curly oak and you will be stunned. I'm not selling mine unless I get a real good offer - it's just too pretty!

From contributor M:
Name your price. That stuff is beautiful.

From contributor A:
Seen very little of it, but I did saw these out a few years ago and found them in a pile of qsawn white oak when I planed it. Had been a wondering where they had gotten off to. Not for sale!