Curved Crown Machine


From original questioner:

Lately I have been running a lot of curved crown and have several machines with the capability to do this.

I find myself wondering how others are
doing the same thing.

I use the Mikron moulder and US Concepts shaper for profiling.
I seem to be pushing the limits of both of these machines in some fashion constantly.

while machine (A) can do this, it can not do that and machine (B) can do that but can not do this.
I am always looking for an easier way!!

does anyone have any experience with
the Mereen-Johnson versa molder?

what machine would you use if you had to run large quantities per month.

all input will be greatly appreciated.

From contributor La

Have never had to run large qty of curved crown so probably do it the hard way. Where within the limits of the machine and especially when there is more than one copy we run on a heavy tilt shaper using jigs made on the CNC router. When beyond the spindle capability of the shaper we either run on the router or on the pod and rail machine. This is also the case for more complex shapes. Neither is equipped with a tilting molding spindle so it takes many passes with multiple tool changes. The pod and rail machine is better suited to the job for us because of having two horizontal router aggregates. Once the blanks & jigs have been made the tilt shaper is the quickest. Though we've never needed to do it, two or 3 part crowns could be made this way and stacked just like you would for straight runs. The shaper produces the same quality of cut that the molder does, so little sanding needed. Because of the multiple passes on the routers, more sanding is needed to blend. There is a trade off in run time VS sanding time.