Custom Cant Hook for Large Logs

For those extra-big logs, you need a little more leverage and a little more grab. Pros discuss the attributes of a cant hook that can. June 20, 2005

As a portable bandmill sawyer, several times a year I get to a job and there is a large log that will need to be rolled to get it on the mill. Most of the cant hooks will not grab a 30 inch or more log and roll it - the handle will break. I busted 3 last year. I do have a very old hand made hook with a dogwood handle (which is cracked now) and it works well on these size logs.

So I have contacted a cant hook manufacture to see about the pattern on my old hook, that way I can have a hook that will turn the logs with a handle that can take the task on. Has anyone else had a similar problem?

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From contributor T:
I've had this problem as well. My thoughts would bee to build a hook with a longer steel body to hold the handle. The metal housing would protect the handle where the stress is greatest. Also, such a long metal body could provide attachment points for two hooks of different sizes, the smaller being standard size for normal size logs, and the larger would be mounted further up the metal body to accommodate large logs. Attachment of the interchangeable hooks can be accomplished with a pin and clip type set up. If you got real fancy the wood handle could be replaced with an aluminum/fiberglass too to give an unbreakable handle.

From the original questioner:
As you can see, my old hand-made hook is a lot longer then the new one. I have several hooks, and most of the new ones have a tip that bites into the wood, but is hard to remove. This brand of hooks below has the point ground like my old one and bites well, but it will release when you ratchet back easily. I just need more leverage with a tool I can safely bow up on. I have snapped hickory, elm, hornbeam and dogwood handles in whole, sawn and split.

From contributor I:

I made this hook out of 1" steel pipe (half-way flattened). The pivot arm is made out of 3/4" pipe, crimped. It’s very strong and lightweight.

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