Cutting Aluminum-Plastic-Foam Panels

Advice on a challenging problem: how to cut composite insulated metal air-conditioner panels. February 23, 2008

I have to cut air conditioning panels. They have a core of 1/2" foam, then both faces have 1/4" corrugated plastic, then a surrounding layer of 1/8" aluminum. I have 300 of them. What is the best method of cutting this?

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One of those multi material O flute bits should work, but you will not get a clean finish on the corrugated plastic layer, and the aluminum will want to embed chips into the foam. You can get the job done, but waterjet would likely produce a much nicer cut.

From contributor E:
Each substrate usually requires different feed speeds. An O flute will work, as mentioned, as will a single flute up/spear CP tool, with a 7 grind relief.