Cutting Ceramic Whiteboard Material Without Chipping

How to cut ceramic board without chipping out. January 7, 2010

Has anyone had luck cutting ceramic whiteboard without chipping?

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From contributor K:
80-tooth blade or diamond blade.

From contributor B:
I hope contributor K's suggestion works out, because my only answer is "nope." We ended up touching up the outside edges of the ceramic. I think our finisher just used white-out.

From contributor K:
Another option is to cut a piece oversized of what you need, double-stick tape it to a sacrificial piece of ply, and cut to final dimension.

One other option is to cut the piece to within 1/8"-3/16" of final dimension, and use a straight edge and a laminate trimmer or router to flush cut to final dimension. This is your best solution, and will give you the result you need, but I was not sure what tooling you had access to, so I assumed a table-saw solution was what you were looking for.

From contributor B:
Contributor K, excellent suggestion - thanks a ton. Definitely the process we will use next time. Anyone else think it's funny that even with years of experience it's common to shoot straight past the quick and easy solution and overcomplicate the task?