DH kiln preferences

A look at dehumidification kiln construction, and manufacturers of DH units. July 26, 2000

I am looking to buy a dehumidification (DH) kiln unit, to dry 2-3,000 feet per charge. Any opinions on particular brands (Nyle, Ebac, Northland, etc.) would be appreciated. I will be providing my own chamber.

I too am interested in possibly getting a DH kiln. I had looked at Gene's solar plans as a less expensive alternative.

I like the idea of speeding things along with the DH, especially in the winter months. In another thread, someone said they had built a DH kiln with parts from a local hardware store. Have you heard anything about this?

A DH compressor can be purchased from Sears, WalMart, etc. But, a 10,000 board foot (BF) capacity DH kiln requires about a 10-hp DH unit -- much bigger than what you get at the store. Plus, the coils are treated to resist corrosion in a lumber-drying DH unit. Plus you get controls. Plus you get technical back-up from the company, etc.

Deciding what brand is somewhat like asking which is better, a Chevy pickup or Ford -- we all know a Ford is much better. Right?

When comparing, make sure you compare equal compressor sizes --horsepower, and not what the seller says the unit will dry. I could sell you a 3-hp unit that I claim will dry 10,000 BF -- it will, but very slowly, compared to a 10-hp unit.
Gene Wengert, forum moderator

That's helpful info, Gene.

If I were to build a 2,500 BF, DH kiln, where could I find the particulars about doing this?

Thanks. And by the way, Ford is better.

I have heard good reports about Nyle kilns of this size. They should be able to get you started, and then you can compare other kilns with these Nyle specs to make sure you get what you need. There are other choices besides DH; you might check them, too, to make sure you are not overlooking something.