Damping a Noisy Saw Blade

Explanations of why a saw blade might emit a high-pitched, screechy whine in service, and suggestions on damping or stopping the noise. May 23, 2007

I just bought a new silver straight line saw. I have a brand new blade on it and it has a horrible high pitch sound from the blade. It is not the saw - it runs great, and the blade cuts great, just a very loud pitch that seems to be from the blade and/or the way it is enclosed. Does anyone else have this and is there any way to fix it?

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From contributor D:
Most people agree that the high pitched noise is often caused by the blade vibrating. Sound damped blades will reduce or cure this, but are initially expensive. A simple cure can often be found by finding the critical area of the blade from which the sound is emanating by (carefully) pressing a stick against the blade while it is running until a spot is found where the sound is eliminated. If this is below the table or within the guard housing, spring-loaded PTFE pins can be fitted here on either side of the blade, usually to good effect.