Defining "Cedro Arana" Wood

More information about an unfamiliar tropical wood species, Cedro Arana. September 19, 2009

Can anyone tell me what in the world the wood called Cedro Arana is? I have done an exhaustive search and haven't been able to get a clue. I have a large mill job and have to match some cheap import doors. I can find plenty of companies that sell the doors, but none to supply the lumber. The wood also goes by the trade name Brazilian mahogany (but it's not true mahogany). Someone suggested Red Cumaru, but that's not it either.

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From contributor C:
Vochysia maxima. Trade name quaruba. According to a fellow woodworker, it's as cheap as dirt:

From Professor Gene Wengert, Sawing and Drying Forum technical advisor:
Cedro arana (also cedro-rana) has a Latin name of Cedrelinga catenaeformis. As there is no uniformity of common names or legal requirements, including Brazilian mahogany and cedra arana, certainly someone could call another species by that name. But in the trade in Brazil, you will see it refers to wood of the genus Cedrelinga. Brazilian mahogany, in the past, refers to wood in the Jequitiba genus or in the Plathymenia genus.