Defining Hardwood Veneer Log Quality Attributes

What makes a good veneer log? This expert resource takes the mystery out of industry veneer-log selection and grading criteria. December 19, 2006

By Jan Wiedenbeck, Michael Wiemann, Delton Alderman, John Baumgras, and William Luppold

US Forest Service

This publication provides a broad spectrum of information on the hardwood veneer industry in North America. Veneer manufacturers and their customers impose guidelines in specifying wood quality attributes that are very discriminating but poorly defined (e.g., exceptional color, texture, and/or figure characteristics). To better understand and begin to define the most important attributes that distinguish veneer logs from sawlogs, and high-end from low-end veneer logs, we visited and interviewed veneer log buyers and sellers, veneer manufacturers, and veneer sales personnel. The first section of this report provides information on the demographics of the hardwood veneer industry and domestic and export market influences on veneer manufacturing. This is followed by a discussion of: 1) veneer quality requirements for different product markets, 2) veneer log quality evaluation procedures, 3) veneer log procurement systems, 4) regional variations in veneer log quality characteristics, and 5) species-specific quality requirements and issues.

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Defining Hardwood Veneer Log Quality Attributes