Detaching Elevator Panels

Be careful if you take on a job that involves removing existing steel elevator panels. They may be screwed on from the back side. June 28, 2007

Bidding on a job that requires removing the existing panels (stainless steel) and floors. How does this stuff attach? The fasteners are all hidden. Looked for z-clips, kd ties, etc.

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From contributor J:
Make sure you investigate how they're attached. We bid on a set several years ago assuming that they lifted off. It turned out they were attached from the outside of the box and would require a service man to remove them. We ended up cutting off the blanket hanging clips inside the elevator and refacing them in place. What a nightmare, because of course the hospital didn't shut down. I'd suggest calling the manufacturer before going any further.

From contributor C:
I just did one of these and the panels were all back-screwed from outside the cage. I decided it would be a lot easier to reface in place. I had the new SS panels bent up with a return leg to cover the edges of the old panels and stuck them on with 3m VHB tape. This is not your ordinary double sided tape - I have no doubt that if those panels ever have to come off, the substrate will fall apart before the tape gives out.