Determining the weight of logs

Resources and methods for estimating the weight of green logs. January 16, 2001

What is the approximate weight of 16" logs, 8' long for varying species, assuming they are green and sound?

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You first need to convert the log diameter and length to board feet. Then use a weight per board foot scale to determine the total weight of the logs.

Red Oak -- 14.8 lbs per bd ft, Maple -- 10.5 to 12.9, Ash 11.1, Aspen 10.8, W. Pine 9. This scale is from the North Eastern Loggers' Association booklet, published 1991. Later publications have different values for each of these. I have weighted my truck and found this to be correct most of the time (for pine and oak).

Refer to "Determining Weight-Volume Relationships for Saw Logs" by Row and Guttenberg, Forest Products Journal, Vol. 16, Issue 5, pages 39-47. (1966).

Here are some numbers
White ash, 16" x 8', 659 pounds
Soft maple, 16" x 8', 645 pounds
Red oak, 16" x 8', 838 pounds

There are formulae for these data and you can find them in Vol. 3 of Utilization of Hardwods Growing on Southern Pine Sites, US Dept of Agriculture Handbook No. 605 (available in many libraries).

Gene Wengert, forum technical advisor