Developing Sales Channels For High-end Furniture For Hotels


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Hello All:

I am relatively new to this web site (have been following this site for less than a week) and find the interactions and users willingness to share knowledge very helpful and was hoping I could get some ideas from the folks on this forum.

I am based in the North East and am part of a family owned business that is based in Asia with no presence in the US, which is what I hope to change. The business focuses primarily on High-end re-production furniture using Teak, Mahogany and Beech etc. As well as Contemporary furniture using treated rubber, tropical woods. We don't do cabinets or kitchen furniture.

Past experience has mainly been in working with high-end hotels, some retailers in England and Embassies in Asia, ME and parts of Europe. I am thinking of approaching US hotels with our product and services (we have an in-house design team, but also have worked with independent designers) that need to fit out a new location or are planning to re-furbish older hotels, but would like to discuss how to approach Hotels and maybe some high-end retailers........locating independent sales reps that work with hotels....etc. At the moment I am just throwing ideas on a whiteboard so I can narrow down and focus on one or two strategies.

Any thoughts or ideas are greatly appreciated and I look forward to responses. I have tried to keep it short but feel free to ask specific questions.

Kind Regards,

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Hi Sammy
I know a contact in Canada who is involved in supply of Chinese furniture to hotels? I am not sure if he covers the US though

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There is a show in Las Vegas every year, booths are very well fit out, not like you see at a woodwork show.
I think there is a similar show in Toronto in the fall and Miami although as I understand it Miami is more outdoor type furniture.

I have worked with a few companies that exhibit there, both have their products made in Asia or China. It is a competitive market that is very design sensitive.


From contributor Sa


Thanks for your response. Any idea how your friend developed the sales channels in Canada? I have a meeting with a local hotel manager next week, this is a hotel that went through a recent renovation. So my plan is to discuss how the furniture was procured and who, if any, the sales reps. they dealt with were. Then maybe reach out to them directly.


From contributor ja

Hi Sammy
I know very little about his business and how he started it, We installed a kitchen and cabinetry for him in his "cottage" (bigger than most homes we work in)
a couple of months ago, and in conversation with his wife we discussed his business if you need any further info, let me know through my contact page on my website.

From contributor Ro

Try the Hospitality Show in Vegas, visit once and then show your product.

From contributor Ro

Here's a link to there Exhibitor list, it looks like they have a lot of furniture companies that show.

From contributor Sa

Jason, Alan and Robert, that you all for your ideas and feed back!! I greatly appreciate it.

Jason, as per your post, I reached out to you via your website on Sunday. Hope you got my email. I look forward to chatting with you at soon.

One of my friends, who is also in the import/export business, but in an unrelated area, suggested I develop an online catalogue. Seems like a good idea to me and hope to work on it the over the next few weeks.

I will provide periodic updates to share where this journey takes me!