Diamond Bits for Cutting Laminate on CNC

Far more durable than other alternatives, diamond bits are cost-effective despite their high price. August 21, 2006

We have been cutting laid up HPL on particleboard panels on our CNC router for about a year and a half now. We used to have no problem cutting with a WKW 3/8" 2 flute down cut. The last couple of months we keep getting a nick in the bit right at the laminate line after every panel we cut. We have tried several other bits with no success. Is there a bit out there that will give us the cut and durability we are looking for?

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From contributor A:
We use a 3/8" diamond cutter to cut laminate. It cost around $300 a pop but it last 6 or 7 months cutting laminate every day. I'm not sure were we get these from, but I will find out and post it soon.

From contributor B:
Courmatt International sells a 2 flute down shear 3/8" diameter diamond bit that will work perfect for cutting laminate. Tin plated carbide will far outlast raw carbide when cutting HPL but nothing comes close to lasting as long as diamond. These cutters are about $300 each but in the long run, they are much cheaper.

From contributor C:
What kind of feed rate can you get with these bits? What is the material thickness?

From contributor A:
We cut laminate @ 200 ipm @ 18,000 rpms.