Difference Between Interior Designer And Interior Decorator


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I want proper explanation on this two profession and the connection with furniture making

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I'm sure there are a few strong opinions here, but I'll keep it professional. There are industry groups that certify these professionals, but legally anyone can call themselves an "Interior Designer".

A designer should be capable of planning an entire interior space, from permanent lighting and plumbing fixtures to furniture, flooring and window treatments. They can make certain changes to a building, as long as a licensed architect is not required.

Decorators are more qualified for guiding clients in choosing the less-permanent features of an interior: paint colors, furniture and window treatments, placement of artwork, etc.

If you are a furniture maker, you could consider either one to be a potential client. However, if your product is custom or high-end, you should be focused on designers as their broader capability allows them to charge more and thus they typically have wealthier clientele.

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Let me add to Evan's response. In the state of Florida, things are a little different. The following is taken directly from one of the State of Florida's websites:


If I am not licensed, can I call myself an interior designer?
Published 12/14/2010 02:58 PM | Updated 06/04/2012 11:04 AM
If I am not licensed, can I call myself an interior designer?
Yes. The title "interior designer" is not a protected title and can be used by anyone providing residential interior design services.

Commercial services require licensure by the Board of Architecture and Interior Design.

So, if you are doing residential work in Florida, anyone can use the title. For commercial work in Florida, only licensed individuals may use the title.

You should check the state laws to determine what applies. And, it will probably be dependent on where the job is located, not where your office is.

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They are people that brought me work before I retired. They pre sold my skills and my business to the client, so there was a feeling of trust the minute I showed up. Usually there was no competitive bids with their clients, and I knew the clients had the money for my work.

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I always thought they were both the same, but Interior Decorator isn't used much anymore because it's out of date just like Stewardess isn't used and Flight Attendant is.

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there is no connection for furniture making. maybe connection for style or color , pillow covers , curtains ,match colors of the walls. etc.

on my company policy they are not qualified to design a fabrication for wood products or any other constructions but only conception of design. nor they can't have their name on fabrication.
similar policy applies architects too.
if any designer apply a design to us to build to sell or advice, to client,
1- has to licensed and insured, ( insured for this purpose design, ordering fabrication and selling or advising to customer )
2- ( we only accept CAD drawing, every detail has to written and explained ) We can make it, no warranty no return , no liability
designer and client has to be agree all above.