Distressed Black Glaze over Conversion Varnish

Advice on a finishing schedule for black glaze in combination with a conversion varnish. March 29, 2006

We have a desk that we stained and finished with ML Campbell Krystal. The customer now wants a distressed look with black glaze. Can I just glaze then finish with Krystal? Or do I need to use vinyl sealer between glazings? Can I use the vinyl sealer over the Krystal?

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From contributor A:
You might want to try this. Spray black Amazing Glaze on top of what you have now. Distress the piece by manipulating the glaze to the desired look. Then top coat it again with Krystal. I would do a back of a door to check it all out for looks and adhesion.

From contributor B:
If you are going to use an oil based glaze then you will need to use a vinyl sealer. I stain then shoot vinyl sealer, glaze, then apply a washcoat of vinyl, then topcoat. The washcoat usually has to be applied within several hours of glazing. Some glazes can be thinned with mineral spirits thus avoiding the need for vinyl. It's best to ask your distributor about this. As stated, Amazing Glaze is another alternative to using vinyl.

From contributor C:
Use the Amazing Glaze over a post cat because of its aggressive solvents. If you use the oil glaze your best bet is to shoot a 1 mil coat of Water White Vinyl and then immediately spray the Krystal at full thickness. This gives you the barrier you need and if you have to sand the top coat you're sanding a thick coat of Krystal instead of a thin coat of Vinyl - if you cut through the vinyl you would expose the glaze.

You can avoid the vinyl if you cut the glaze with mineral spirits (2 parts glaze to 3 parts thinner) but only if the glaze that you're leaving on the piece is quite thin. If you have thick build up in corners, moulding profiles etc. the Krystal will craze without the vinyl. Your best bet is 1 mil WW Vinyl then topcoat. Don't use their NC based vinyl which will cause the Krystal to crack.

From contributor D:
How many coats of Krystal do you have on the piece? If you have no more than two, then scuff the Krystal, spray with Amazing Glaze, remove the glaze to the desired effect with maroon Scotch Brite, and top coat with Krystal.

From contributor E:
You have 3 choices in using glazes. Wet glaze - oil or water base (wiping), and dry glaze - lacquer base (spray). We do glaze everyday on custom production finishing. Dry glazes really look good over painted wood but not on stained wood. Try using wet glaze (water base) - it goes well with Krystal, and there’s no need to seal it with vinyl before topcoat.

From contributor F:
I use Sherwin-Williams wiping stain concentrates and thin them slightly with mineral spirits. I have never had any topcoat problems, even Conversion Varnish coats well.

From contributor G:
I would do exactly what contributor D said. My finishing schedule is: stain, sealer, Magnamax, glaze, Magnamax. That is what the specs say to do. I am sure that Krystal is the same procedure.