Do Titanium-Coated Bits Last Longer?

In wood machining, a titanium coating on bits does not seem to bring benefits. March 27, 2008

I was wondering if anyone uses titanium coated bits. I was told they increase tool life significantly. Any experience, good or bad? I haven't priced them yet, but would not mind spending more if it's worth it.

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From contributor O:
Can't speak from personal experience, unfortunately, but I did ask a bit manufacturer the same question and, whilst they offered the option of Ti coating, he didn't really think it made a lot of difference and suggested it wasn't really worth the extra. Given he was only charging a couple of dollars or so extra, I thought that was telling. Pity because it looks nice too! ;-)

From contributor G:
We have had this coating and other coatings tested for the wood industry. Life of the tool did not go up to make it cost effective. Coatings do work in the metal, non-ferrous and composite machining. COURMATT has tried coating tools with a PCD - it has worked at some firms and some not. If something does work, we will post it.

From contributor M:
Contributor G, I agree with your findings, as I have had the same results over the years. I also value your advice and opinions every time I see them here in the threads. Keep up the good work.