Do You Guys Use A Dolly Or Hand Truck?


From original questioner:

I've never used a dolly to take cabinets into job sites but strongly considering it. I'm mainly wanting it for pantry and oven cabinets, which are often times 8' tall. All the dolly/hand trucks I've seen are about 5' tall. I'm wondering if this is tall enough to transport these 8' tall cabinets? Just seems short to me? Wondering if you guys use these and if so could you direct me to a specific one that is a good choice? Thanks

From contributor Le

I just use another person.

From contributor Az

Choose your poison wisely. The right hand truck will be most helpful but the wrong one can be worse than no help at all. I have an appliance dolly to use but I don't, I do find that a tall "P" handle narrow isle truck with 8" or 10" wheels helpful.
Check out trucks at a Gleason or Harper dealer with a large assortment to choose from to find the one that suits your needs, would be my suggestion. A magnesium truck has merit but the price tag can be heavy.

From contributor Jo

I have a hand truck in the shop and I find it difficult because you can't see where you're going with the tall cabinet on it also top-heavy i'm with LeoG get somebody to help you on the job site

From contributor Wo

We use professional movers. For $120 per hour you get two guys and a truck.

Cabinets are blanket wrapped as they are they are being loaded. Movers show up around 8:30 and are usually gone within one hour.

You can't beat this. You spend the morning in the office and can get the shop running again by 10am. Average kitchen costs $600 - $700 to deliver and customer pays for it. You couldn't rent a truck, hire a guy and shut your shop down for the day for this much money.

From contributor Mi

I do have someone helping me. Our backs just ain't what they used to be though. I thought the dolly might make it easier but I guess I was wrong. Thanks for the replies.

From contributor ca

We use hand trucks, dollies and there are times we make a large dolly screwing moving dollies together. The big utility cabinets always take two or three guys, even with a dolly or hand truck.

From contributor Ji

Hand trucks all the way.
I specifically prefer the Harper handtruck with pneumatic tires. The Harper trucks have good quality tires. I have three- two in the trailer and one stays on the truck.
I regularly move tall oven and pantry cabinets by myself. Just lay the handtruck on it's back and slide it under one end of the cabinet then lift and steer with the other end of the cabinet.
The weight keeps the cabinet centered on the toeplate and you can traverse some fairly irregular terrain and elevation changes with ease.

From contributor Pa

Piano dolly, for big unwieldy cabinets appliance dollies can be useful, the type that have legs that drop down.

From contributor Mi

Ah finally some guys that use dollies! Got a question, looks like the hand trucks that I'm finding are about 60" tall and this seems a bit short to me? A lot of our pantrys and oven cabinets are 8' tall so that's 3' more than the dolly? Just looks like longer handles would be better?

From contributor Pa

When you tilt it back, the kind with the legs that drop down, you don't even need to use the handles, but since they stick out quite a bit you can use the handle too.

My use was for commercial mostly.

From contributor Ji

I've mooved 10' tall pantries with the hand truck. Like Pat says, you don't even need to touch the handles.
It would probably work just as well if the handles were 2' long

From contributor Ad

Aluminum is the cat's meow. I got a really good used one from a guy who was retiring. I sold it for what I paid for it 10 years later. I used it for many different things. Very handy to have around.